Gratuitous Web Presence

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Random thoughts:

  • I’m tired.
  • I don’t enjoy social media anymore. I’m beginning to wonder if staying in touch with friends from college and elsewhere is really worth sticking around Facebook.
  • My capacity for news – or what purports to be news – and the chattering masses online is down to nothing now. My online consumption is limited to faith content and sports coverage (often in newsletters), and sometimes even that can be intolerable.
  • I’ve grown incredibly disenchanted with humanity.
  • I’m exceedingly grateful for this little web space of mine.
  • My head is crowded with thoughts about how to uncrowd it. My soul feels so cluttered and in desperate need of structure.
  • Themes that keep popping up in my spiritual reading (not listed in order of importance): order, peace of heart, mortification and suffering, Jesus in the Gospels, purity of intent, forgiveness, disappointment.
  • Very grateful for the Hallow and Amen apps that provide prayers and meditations and Scripture readings I can listen to when I need to wind down at night.
  • Did I mention I’m tired? Deeply, deeply tired.