Chick fil A breakfast. Errands. Baked mini muffins with F. Viewed a few YouTube links from my sister.

Now streaming two archived games from August 21 – Houston-San Diego and White Sox-Cubs – and waiting for my Advil/Tylenol cocktail to kick in. Gonna start assembling split pea soup and baking bread in an hour.

Not an exciting day. But a day of rest I kind of needed.

Just threw 25 bucks at MLB.TV for video archive access to the past season. Self-soothing on this mental health day off by bingeing Padres and White Sox broadcasts.

I am so glad I’m taking a long staycation break the week of November 2. I anticipate a lot of napping early in the week – and either celebrating or planning our move to New Zealand, depending on how the election turns out.

I watched maybe 5 minutes of this debate before I exceeded my daily usage of the term “fucking moron” at the screen, and my husband shooed me out of the room before I had a stroke.

So I stuck around long enough to hear Biden make my point that the Dems couldn’t get anything done during the “do-nothing” Obama administration because of a Republican Congress. Then I screamed “fucking moron” at President Crazypants one more time at the screen, and went on my way.

I’ve done my part for democracy for today.

I’m a sucker for a close Senate campaign race. I’ve contributed to Gideon, Harrison, McGrath, Greenfield, and now Hegar. All small-potatoes donations, but I have never been so desperate to get one guy (supported by these candidates’ incumbent foes) out of office.

Got this yesterday. Hoping this exempts me from exposure to campaign ads for the rest of the season. (And thank you to my poll-working spouse for hand-delivering my ballot to the county election commission the other day.)

The mail came today.

Chris came home today after finally wrapping up his Census gig in Des Moines. He arrived with gifts.

There was actually a time when I listened to Rush Limbaugh.

More than 20 years ago, I was dating someone who found Limbaugh entertaining and not as awful as the media made him out to be. (He also thought Newt Gingrich to be an innovative thinker, and that health care was not a right.) So, I tuned in every weekday afternoon for a time, and I did find him somewhat entertaining at first. He seemed to be outrageous for its own sake, like Howard Stern or (another radio personality I listened to regularly at the time) Don Imus. Eventually, though, I realized how much of a repulsive one-note wonder he really was, and tuned out.

I no longer speak to the guy who introduced me to Rush Limbaugh. When I see him online at all, he’s usually talking about basketball. I’m almost afraid to find out where he is politically now.

I have family members who text in ALL CAPS as a matter of course, and I generally ignore their texts. I would suggest this approach when it comes to Twitter, too.

What the 12-year-old does on her phone these days.


Winslow is all of us.

Baseball always helps when the state of the nation leaves one anxious.

This morning, I taught Frannie the word “schadenfreude.”

Rambling conference call on a Friday afternoon when you have a head cold < ramming white-hot steel pokers in both eyes

Last week: apple picking. This week: first attempt at a very easy apple crisp. Unfortunately, I was low on cinnamon, but it still worked well, especially with a bit of Culver’s frozen custard.

Had to ask the 12-year-old who Travis Scott is. I’m not nearly as embarrassed by that as I am by the fact that I learned he was a thing while waiting in a McDonald’s drive-thru line.

Not a fan of Sweaty Mask Face when picking apples. But one does what one must do for fall.

Note to self: Get the home office blinds fixed.

One of the purchases from my first visit to an honest-to-God, brick-and-mortar Catholic bookstore in months. Eager to dive in this weekend.

Labor Day weekend reading.

Been either too tired, too lazy, or too depressed to post here lately. Or I’ve just forgotten about this space.

Here’s stuff I’ve posted elsewhere in the past week or so. It’s all about the animals lately.

We almost lost Mark Mothersbaugh of DEVO to COVID-19.

How’s closed captioning reads “2-nothing Sox!”

I watch White Sox games regularly, and I was still startled when Jason Benetti casually used the word “legerdemain” in the second inning this evening.