Idly watching college basketball: my alma mater, Cal State Fullerton, versus the UC Davis Fighting Veterinarians, or whatever they’re called. This is why I have ESPN+. 😐

The losing battle, Week … oh, never mind

Been a while since I’ve posted a weight loss update. (The last one was back in August.) I actually weighed myself Tuesday, but didn’t think to post until now. Nearly 70 pounds gone since I started all this. I don’t have much to add, except that I marked the 1-year anniversary of this low-carb lifestyle thing earlier this month. Never mind that I’m still 10.6 pounds from my initial weight loss goal.

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Wordle 222 4/6


Too sleepy for further comment. Back to bed.

Here’s how to guarantee that I will absolutely block you on Twitter (thus avoiding your horrific content in retweets on my lists): Have β€œMAGA” in your handle or bio. Or both.

Charlie Warzel: β€œWordle’s public reception fascinates and unnerves me because it’s an example of how the internet flattens thingsβ€”in this case, the stakes of this particular, Twitter-bound discourse.”

In other words, this is why we can’t have nice things on the internet.

Woke up way too early. Apparently I guess really well first thing in the morning.

Wordle 221 2/6


Had hoped for 3/6 today. Felt so close.

Wordle 220 4/6


Spent way too much time futzing with yet another theme change for this site. Now using the Tufte theme, which I like much more than my recent design experimentations.

But itself feels sluggish, with changes to individual posts taking a lot of time to show up on the site. This seems typical of late, and cries for help on the timeline seem ignored (or at least unanswered). I’d consider moving on to another blogging platform, but it’s too easy to post here, and I’m too lazy to start over.

I think I’m done with those on social media who fancy themselves cultural critics and religious authorities.

Yair Rosenberg, in a wonderfully fortuitous piece in his Atlantic newsletter, verbalizes my thoughts far more eloquently than I; granted, he’s talking about people who are critics for a living, but the sentiments can be applied to the self-styled critics among the unwashed digital masses:

“The problem with being a professional critic is that you end up consuming so much culture that you stop processing it like a normal person. …

β€œI know that my own preferences here are not the norm. But when critics lose sight of why most people consume culture, they start missing what makes most things popular. In their search for significance, they forget about the fun.”

Today’s Wordle …

… and yesterday’s.

Going forward, I’ll stick to posting here first. Apparently there’s some killjoy Twitter bot afoot trying to spoil the party.