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Tiptoeing into the stream after being sporadic at best with sharing posts on the timeline there. I’ve re-followed a whole bunch of people in my enthusiasm, though I may winnow down my timeline again after a few days, just to keep things manageable. I had forgotten that there’s some interesting conversation and pleasant folks there.

Overall, it’s a terrific community that prides itself on its niceness. And rightly so. But I’m also reminded of some of the political correctness and hypersensitivity to some things – plus the conversation can skew heavily toward First World, Apple-obsessed techie concerns that don’t interest me – that made me worry about getting too wrapped up in the place.

I realized that I tried too hard to fit in at times; I would perceive slights here and there, then post things I would regret later. That’s on me, not on; that just means I need to edit more closely what I see and what I contribute.

The bulk of my blog posts (like this one) will remain off the M.b timeline, but I’m happy to periodically engage there again.