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The losing battle, Week 26: At least 30 pounds to go

I actually weighed myself Sunday, and hit this milestone then. But then I weighed myself again and ended up 0.4 pound lighter.

So, as of yesterday (that is, Monday), I am 232.6 pounds. That’s 50.4 pounds less than my starting weight in January, when I started cutting the carbs and putting myself under a doctor’s supervision to lose weight.

It’s been a stressful 2 months or so. I haven’t hit a Pilates class or done anything fitness-minded in that time. I need to do something about that. Otherwise, I just need to keep going.

My initial goal has been to lose 80 pounds; I’m going to stick to that goal for now, and then consider whether I should keep going with the loss or try to maintain. Don’t want to get ahead of myself.