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After the second shot, a hangover without the fun

At first, I couldn’t decide whether my shoulder, neck, and lower back discomfort yesterday were related to my second COVID-19 vaccination shot that morning or a Pilates class the day before. I was pretty sure the headache and midday queasiness were related to the second shot.

This morning, the pain in those locations has only worsened, along with the headache. Also hurting: my pectoral muscles (including my armpits), my knuckles, and my eyeballs. The discomfort is almost symmetrical, distributed nearly evenly between both sides of my body. And I woke up at one point overnight feeling slightly winded and out of breath, like I had just gained back all the weight I lost this year.

On top of all that, I really don’t feel like getting out of bed, though lying down — either on my back or side — hurts like hell.

This is all definitely not Pilates-related. It’s like having the flu and a hangover at the same time. Or a hangover without the fun the night before.

I understand this means my immune system is working to build up its defenses against COVID. I’m all for that. But man, I don’t think I’ve ever had a reaction to any vaccine like this.