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The losing battle, Week 14: Tired, but doing okay

It’s only Monday, and I’m already completely fried by work, so I’ll cut to the chase.

I managed to drop 2 pounds and end up at 249.8, which is my first time in forever under 250 pounds. Clothes are fitting better, and I was able to walk maybe 2 miles during a zoo visit with family that didn’t leave me with severe back pain and winded. (I still needed to sit down with some pain, but I was far less weary than I used to be.)

Now if only the weight loss would be noticeable to people I haven’t seen in months, that’d be great. That hasn’t been the case in recent weeks; I’m guessing that when you’re as large as I am, a 33-pound loss doesn’t look like much. It’s disappointing when it’s not obvious, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to pull the plug on this.

I should be happier than I am at how much weight I’ve dropped. Right now, I’m too exhausted to celebrate much of anything.

My biggest worry now is that recent work-related stress, non-work stress, and work-related loss of sleep will throw a wrench into the weight loss process. Both stress and lack of sleep, as I’ve mentioned in passing repeatedly in this space, can complicate things.

I will not use this or any other public space to talk about my work, except to say that I’m exceedingly happy to be past the point in my life (when I was in my 20s and 30s and early 40s) where my identity was wrapped tightly in my career. I look at the ambitious younger folk at the office and thank God I’ve left that drive behind.

My health is far more important now than my job, whatever it is, will ever be. And I am still learning to manage the stress that accompanies what I do now for a living. Prioritizing my health and the rest of my life will help that.