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The losing battle, Week 13: A wee bit of cheating

Quick update, because it’s 10:40 p.m. Central time as I write this, and I’m already more than a day late in my reporting: I’m down 0.4 pound to 251.8 pounds, or 31.2 pounds since I started all this in January.

I’m posting a weight loss update on a Tuesday, rather than the usual Monday, because I was feeling bloated and heavy yesterday. My initial weigh-in yesterday confirmed this. I could have just logged a gain and moved on with my life, I know. But I was feeling marginally better today, and I ended up down very slightly.

So, yeah, I cheated a little to log another loss, however slight.

Still, I’m making progress. My wedding ring slipped off overnight the other day, and I had to use a backup ring that was more secure. My face looks slightly less puffy these days. And I was able to walk around a museum over the weekend without back spasms.

Pounds aren’t the only measure of success.