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The losing battle, Week 7: Surprising, slow, and steady

Another 1.1 pound lost. This makes for a total of 19.4 pounds lost since January 11.

I’m kind of surprised, given some intestinal issues the past few days. Been dealing with several mornings of mild nausea, queasiness, and constipation. (TMI, I know.) Except for Saturday – when I had some extremely comforting matzo ball soup plus half a cabbage-based Reuben salad – it’s meant a bunch of middays of minimal, if any, eating.

I felt mildly well enough by lunchtime today to have a little something (two cheese sticks, some turkey cold cuts, and the rest of my Reuben salad). Left out the Amazing Grass superfood powder in the morning kefir smoothie to see if debulkifying breakfast might help ease the discomfort. (But I did have an Amazing Grass effervescent tablet in some water, and I’ll probably have some of the chocolate superfood powder in almond milk for dessert tonight.) I also realized that I’d been drinking slightly less water recently, so I’m trying to step up my water intake.

Also, the old Fitbit died over the weekend. Got a new one, and it seems to be a little too generous with my step count. Meanwhile, I was too queasy and uncomfortable to work out at all since Thursday or Friday. I have some catching up to do.