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Supporting your local business in this self-quarantine age

We called our local breakfast hangout to make sure it was still open. It was. So, we headed over. Typically, on a Saturday morning, it’s bustling; when we got there, there were a few people scattered over two or three tables. The waitress said it was slow yesterday, too.

Thankfully, by the time we left, folks were seated at maybe five tables, with another party coming in.

We worry about our neighborhood businesses, especially small independent places, in this self-quarantine age. I saw a great idea on Twitter:

If you can afford to, please buy a gift certificate from a local shop/restaurant/small business to help them weather the cash crunch most are experiencing to get through this.

We don’t anticipate heading out much more this weekend; I need to clean the house anyway in anticipating of working from home and an extended spring break for the tween. But I may pick up a couple of gift certificates, just for the heck of it.