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"Let’s bring the tomboy back, without taming her"

Lisa Selin Davis, writing in her New York Times op-ed piece, “Bring Back the Tomboys,” in which, among other things, she traces Billie Eilish’s tomboy bonafides back to Nancy McKeon’s character in “The Facts of Life”:

These were often my favorite characters, living examples of the feminist zeitgeist that told me I did not have to be feminine to be female: I could, and maybe should, dress and act like boys and have access to their domains. … The pop star Billie Eilish offers a refreshing twist: Through her affinity for oversize hoodies and pants and her confident, offbeat swagger, she provides girls an alternative to the overtly sexualized pop singer. I’d like to see even more of this — the return of Jo and her descendants, alongside the representations of strong, feminine girls and nonbinary and trans people. Girls who claim all the traditional traits of masculinity they want, girls who fix motorcycles or play drums or wear short hair.