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Bliss in a cup

This “turmeric bliss” tea (not to be confused with the Tazo Tea variety of the same name) has been a godsend.

I’ve been turning to regular and herbal teas in recent weeks to (1) replace my coffee habit, (2) help me get through my intermittent fasting mornings, and (3) settle my stomach. So, I have peppermint green tea in the morning, and some sort of herbal tea in the afternoon/evening.

Lately I’ve grown fond of this turmeric blend, which includes apple and mango bits, ginger, and peppercorn. It’s tasty (even when not sweetened — I forego sweetener in all my tea drinking), relaxing, and one side benefit is that I’ve found some pain relief in the process. It’s been a delightful surprise to be able to reduce my ibuprofen intake, and I credit the turmeric.