The term “empath” annoys me, though I can’t put my finger on why. But I still relate to this.

It’s been more than 10 years since I last worked in a newsroom. There is a lot about it that I don’t miss. But I do miss newsroom people.

Discovered an old friend from my North Carolina days unfriended me on Facebook, and I’m not sure why. Sent her a friend request this morning, then canceled it.

Some connections are seasonal, I’ve learned over the years; maybe this was one of them. And I’m actually good — relieved, in some cases — with that.

Still applies to theology in general these days. For me, anyway.

Mood – off and on over the past 30 years, I think.

Sometimes I miss the dinosaur dance parties.

Want more advice? Go here.

Today, the most deeply heartfelt Good Friday social media posts — to me, anyway — came from Patti Smith on Instagram.


Six years ago.

No, it’s not my tweet. But it’s my favorite social media posting of the day. Go Chicago Jesuits!

You would think this drawing alone would have nudged me to get serious about losing weight.


Best. Infographic. Ever.

This site is slowly becoming a scrapbook of my mainstream social media activity, past and present.

Trying to keep the personal from the "professional"

A former colleague and unofficial keeper of “media figure” birthdays still posts my birthday on Facebook to his thousands of followers for some reason, even though I haven’t been in the news business in more than 10 years. I guess I should appreciate that, no matter how ridiculous the idea of me being a “media figure” is. Whatever. It’s not killing me.

Anyway, he posted a link to this site in his post. Maybe 5 minutes after it showed up, I asked him to remove it, which he did.

“You do know that’s on your Twitter profile, right?” he messaged me.

“I know,” I replied.

Perhaps idiotically, I figured that with my meager Twitter following, nobody would notice my website link there. But I always forget that some people still know to find me there, and that maybe they’d bother to check out this blog. (Though why they would do so is beyond me.)

Still, it’s one thing to have friends check in occasionally here. It’s quite another to relay the URL to a bunch of media strangers – a crowd I don’t even run with anymore.

Whatever. I removed the blog link from my Twitter profile.

Update (March 16, 2021, 4:43 p.m. Central): I forgot that I posted about this annual rite of, well, something last year. It didn’t annoy me so much then. It annoyed me this year.

This makes me so unbelievably happy.