Made Spam musubi with way too much sushi rice. Got bread baking in the oven, and potatoes boiling on the stove.

It’s a good day for starches at our house.

Sigh. At least we finally got her to go outside.

Tried to spend some time on the deck while C and F went out on a forest preserve jaunt, but (1) it was too damn hot, (2) the dogs refused to join me, and (3) hip and lower back pain still persisting. Back in the home office with books, dogs, and KBO rerun streaming.

Hunkering down this weekend to make sense of the world with Dorothy Day, Thomas Merton, and the Psalms. My brain needs a little peace right now.

“Donald J. Trump has proved to be the Nosferatu of American politics: heartless, partial to Slavs, beneath grace and thus far impervious to destruction.”

Went spelunking in a neglected pantry cabinet this morning. This product won the prize for “Most Likely to Be Older Than Our 12-Year-Old Daughter.”

It’s 1:05 a.m. I drank half a Greek coffee frappe so I could stay up to get some work done. The work is more or less done for now, but I have a feeling I’ll be up a whole lot longer. #PoorPlanning

My day today. Good thing I can plug the personal laptop into the office monitors. I think I’ve finally decided where to put the recliner I’ve been wanting.

(On the right: “The Art of Letting Go,” Mina Kimes’ article on the KBO.)

“More people are more online right now than at any point in human history, and experts say the Internet has gotten only more flooded since 2016 with bad information.”

This is why I can’t hear Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” without thinking about burritos.

There is a Bob Ross feed on Twitch. My holiday weekend is complete.

An evening fire and a couple of s’mores with family make up for a lot.

Looks like we have three new neighbors. Had to assure Mama Robin that I wasn’t going to steal them.

“Peale drew throngs of followers, but also sharp criticism from Christians who accused him of cherry-picking Bible verses and peddling simplistic solutions.

But the young Donald Trump was hooked.”

On a videoconference this last e-learning day, F claimed loudly in a “two truths and a lie” session that she had logged 220 hours on Animal Crossing during the lockdown.

It was a lie, but I swear I heard the sound of authorities coming to seize our parenting licenses.

If you look closely, our new neighbors appear to have multiplied.

I love this ESPN story about the American “Santa Grandfather” who became one of the Lotte Giants’ biggest fans. Now I wish ESPN would broadcast an actual Lotte Giants game.

I wasn’t imagining it. All these COVID-19 ads are pretty much all the same.

Frannie found a robin nesting in our shrubbery.

I love that now that I’m following a Korean YouTube feed for baseball, I’m getting a ton of Korean suggestions on my YouTube home page. (And no, I’m neither Korean nor understand Korean. But maybe I should learn the language. Ballgames seem more fun in Korean.)

A Muslim video game developer finds community during Ramadan in Animal Crossing: “For Ismail, the biggest benefit is that he’s not alone during inarguably trying times. This gets him a little closer to the real thing.”

The lilacs are blooming in the backyard. And they smell amazing.

Someday, I will get out of the house and take photos of other things besides my kid and her dog.

Tony Gwynn would have turned 60 years old today. Tim Kurkjian of ESPN writes about the Hall of Fame slugger’s artistry with the bat.

(I also recall my brief brush with his greatness two decades ago.)

When Animal Crossing and my appreciation for pro sports collide.