This might seem silly, but when I discover that an entertainer or other high-profile person I have grown to like is an atheist, it just makes me incredibly sad. Not angry or horrified or pitying; just terribly sad.

Logged 50 work hours last week.

That’s it. That’s the post.

🎬📽🍿 Friday means movie night here, and we caught “Turning Red” that night.

Having been a dorky, overachieving 13-year-old daughter of Asian immigrants, the movie especially worked for me.

The news about this ridiculous “convoy” around D.C. is sorely testing my resolve to fast from mockery for Lent. Time to curb my news intake again.

It’s been more than 10 years since I left the news business, and I’m still not used to the idea of having holidays off.

How is it that when I search for a Catholic book about self-esteem, the first book to show up is something titled “Ask Your Husband”? 😕

Up late taking care of some editing work as I stream the Winter Olympics. There’s an awful lot of yelling in curling.

I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t remember F’s first baby steps. Yet I squealed with amazement (and maybe a little horror) when we discovered over the weekend that our 13-year-old now wears size 9 shoes.

This may be my new favorite Winter Olympic sport: the monobob.

One reason I love “Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me": The show can book Patti Smith and quiz her about burger patties, only to have her respond with a reminder that it’s Bertolt Brecht’s birthday.

I guess it’s weird to look forward to a midday dental appointment because it gives me a break from work. Happy to own this particular “weird.”

A small Dairy Queen cone makes up for a deeply annoying day.

I can’t even remember whether I ate lunch.

Did “THE Batman” go to “THE Ohio State University”?

Best thing I’ve seen shared on Twitter in a while. H/T to @jr_briggs for posting it.

Today, we learned that dogs can be skunked in the middle of winter. Even before a major snowstorm.

Resisted the urge to start with “money” after yesterday’s news.

Wordle 227 4/6


A sure sign of cultural decline: A Hormel sweepstakes is offering a chili cheese keg prize for Super Bowl Sunday.

Idly watching college basketball: my alma mater, Cal State Fullerton, versus the UC Davis Fighting Veterinarians, or whatever they’re called. This is why I have ESPN+. 😐

Here’s how to guarantee that I will absolutely block you on Twitter (thus avoiding your horrific content in retweets on my lists): Have “MAGA” in your handle or bio. Or both.

It seemed like we were the last people to find out our kid made the honor roll. Until we told her.

🎬📽🍿 Our Studio Ghibli binge continued tonight with Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984). That’s Ghibli film No. 9 since Christmas.

That HBO Max subscription we gifted ourselves last month has paid off rather nicely.

In my agonizing over an extended family situation, my phone scrolling compulsion yields the fact that there is a patron saint of dysfunctional families: St. Eugene de Mazenod.

Don’t ever tell me God doesn’t speak to us through whatever means He pleases. St. Eugene, pray for us.

🎬📽🍿 Watched “Belle” this afternoon. First time in a while, if ever, that we ever left the theater in complete silence as we tried to unpack everything.

I can at least say it is one of the most visually stunning animated features I’ve ever seen.

I know I’ve talked about having guiding words for my year. In the epistle reading during today’s TLM, I may have found a guiding verse:

Rejoice in your hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. (Romans 12:12, RSV-CE)

I’ll be thinking about this one for a while.

Thinking about getting steps or a ramp to help our aging dog get onto our bed. Found this online; I suppose it’d work, since we’re not Jewish.