Made a convenience store stop during the virtual #PokemonGOFest2020. This is probably as close to a summer road trip as we’re getting this year. 😐

The Nintendo 2DS XL arrived yesterday. Once I picked up a 32GB microSD card, we loaded Pokemon Ultra Sun and Animal Crossing: New Leaf on it.

I’ve set up my New Leaf town (named after Winslow the dog). Otherwise, F has been busy on the new device. Her Switch looks lonely now.

Gratuitous Shiny Weedle is my new favorite band name. #PokemonGO

On Day 2 of a three-day holiday weekend. A hot, humid day. A Pokemon Go community day drive through downtown Elmhurst and the local college campus sufficed as our Sunday drive. Now trying to relax with a KBO rerun (Hanwha Eagles vs. NC Dinos) in an air-conditioned home office with the fan on. And a gulp of Tramadol.

Whiling away some time during #PokemonGOCommunityDay at home.

The 12-year-old’s wardrobe mashup of “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” and Pokemon “eeveelutions” is complete. #AnimalCrossing #Pokemon #Eevee

Since the Pokemon Go event we planned to attend in St. Louis was postponed, the game’s creators allowed ticket holders to catch the same Pokemon planned for the event wherever we were in the world. So, we drove around on a rainy afternoon hunting Pokemon in today’s New Normal.

Digital thinking, kind of, still infuses the tween’s analog activities.

Spring break week times two

We caved and got an early birthday gift for the tween when we bought the download for the Pokemon game she’s been wanting. We figure on giving her a pass tomorrow on structuring some makeshift learning this week, which is effectively an extra lost week of school thanks to our friend COVID-19.

We’re not going to be massive hardasses about learning this week; I figure on time for reading, outdoor time, and writing both Pokemon fan fiction and a memoir of the dog. And maybe some education video. We’ll play it by ear.

Welp, I suspected this month’s Pokemon GO event in St. Louis would be postponed. Now it’s official. Haven’t decided whether F and I will refund our tix. Might still go to St. Louis for the heck of it, as it’s during her spring break.

Best birthday card ever, Pokemon Edition. Or heck, just ever.

February photoblogging challenge, Day 24: DOUBLE.

And so ends another Pokemon Go Community Day with the tween. Evolved one of the scores of Totodiles I caught into a Feraligatr. I renamed it, as is my wont.

In a rare moment, I just tweeted. The only time I tweet nowadays is at my 10-year-old’s behest to declare Pokémon Go accomplishments.

No reason to leave out. Here’s Mew.

Pokémon Go had its monthly Community Day today. We joined the hordes of players wandering through Wilder Park and the adjacent Elmhurst College campus in search of the prized shiny version of the Pokémon called Chikorita. Frannie caught 10; I caught three.

At last, I have reached the Pokémon Go mountaintop.