It’s a depressed Wilco kind of day.

I crave
Crazy times again
Our nights, our nights
Would never end
I’m ashamed
Of who I am
When I’m in pain

So I strive
To the nearest star
Street light
Over an idling car
Move across the seat
I’m going to need
You to drive these last few miles
‘Cause I’m tired of taking it out on you

New Wilco album out next month. New single out now. I’ve missed countryfied Wilco.

Finally getting to see this: Jack White playing the National Anthem at a Detroit Tigers game. I think I actually like this more than Jimi Hendrix’s version.

It is generally best to avoid reading the comments on any given news site or social media venue. But this piece about the surprising online joy of 1980s postpunk and new wave fans – my generation – makes me want to poke through the ruminations under Joy Division and Modern English clips on YouTube.