Austin Kleon is one of my favorite people on the Interwebs. Here’s one reason why: “Not everything will be okay (but some things will).”

The upshot of this McSweeney’s list, “Unfollow, Unfriend, or Block: A Pandemic Guide“: Just back away from all social media.

Got the replay of the KBO opening day matchup (NC vs Samsung) on the ESPN app while I fight off some nausea on pain meds at the work station. Korean baseball is totally propping me up right now.

Apparently it takes being hopped up on painkillers to finally win a round of Cards Against Humanity (Family Edition) at our house.

“Just as the initial coronavirus outbreak caught hospitals unprepared, the country’s mental health system — vastly underfunded, fragmented and difficult to access before the pandemic — is even less prepared to handle this coming surge.”

Spent a lovely spring afternoon at the local emergency room trying to get to the bottom of my recent flareup of abdominal pain. A CT scan revealed bulkier-than-before uterine fibroids and sacroiliitis in both sacroiliac joints. Need to follow up with my doctors Monday.

I made C. drop me off, and the nice ER people masked and Purelled me before I asked C. to head home. He had to take care of something first.

Things I’ve ordered that are supposed to arrive this week:

  • 3 face masks
  • 2 sets of postage stamps
  • A copy of “The Essential Rosary” by Caryll Houselander
  • 2 graphic novels for Frannie
  • Moomins T-shirt for me
  • Animal Crossing shirt for Frannie
  • A pulse oximeter

Who says impulse shopping is dead?

I did this week’s big household grocery run. I used to enjoy grocery runs. Now they’re stressful and depressing. (And it didn’t help to wear a mask that I could barely breathe through.) Glad it’s done, though.

I only checked news sites once today. And it felt great.

A problem I never thought I’d have to deal with: ordering face masks from several different Etsy sellers until I find one that fits.

The latest retail shortage: sympathy cards.

“It makes me sick in my heart, every order that comes in,” said one Etsy seller who has sold more than 275 sympathy cards this month.

Illinois has had its governance problems, yes. But pointing them out the way the “president” just did isn’t leadership. It’s being an asshole.

Slowly going insane.

“Facebook and Instagram are a conversation. They are for others. A journal is for you. You deserve a record. Write it down so you will remember how you got used to this — and how you got through this.”

Appreciate that a tween’s boredom can remind me that we need a new oven mitt.

Lockdown living.

“You can ‘reopen’ the country all you want. You cannot force people to act as though there is not a pandemic.”

One bit of fallout from this coronavirus business: My Facebook activity is starting to rise. Not by much, but I’m tiptoeing into the news feeds occasionally, usually with things I first share here or on other platforms. (In the case of the latter, the stuff on other platforms makes its way back here.)

My desperation for human contact has led me to the Evil Empire. God help me.

I just ate a whole bag of dark chocolate Reese’s peanut butter cups. The dark chocolate makes it healthy. At least that’s what I tell myself.

I’m all about the whole stay-the-f—k-home thing. But I think I’m officially tired of TV shows where panelists are talking at each other from their living rooms.

Pulled on my rattiest shoes to run a quick errand. It dawned on me that I used this opportunity to buy chocolate, Pringles, and diet soda. It’s like living through my first job all over again.

I don’t even know what day it is anymore. Or what hour of the day it is, for that matter.

My alma mater charges ahead with plans to go virtual in the fall.

The Washington Post reports: “Patients with heart attacks, strokes and even appendicitis vanish from hospitals.”

One trauma director at a South Carolina hospital says he’s seeing late appendicitis in some cases: “I would say 70 percent of the appendicitis on my service right now are late presentations. What happens when you present late with appendicitis is we can’t operate on you safely.”

People are just plain scared to go to a hospital these days because of COVID-19. Guess I’m not the only one who feels this way.

More Sunday drive pix from Chicago. Sad to see some things, like the plight of the homeless, not change.

It was also sad to be confined to the passenger seat instead of being able to explore by foot. It was startling how quiet it was for a weekend day.